Terms and conditions of use Stampsve.com

1.- Stamps and articles of collection available.

The stamps and other shown articles of collection, are available on sale in line. Weekly new seals and articles of collection are entered the page Web.

The quality of seals and articles of collection is in the images of high quality in the Web site. For the stamps and articles of collection of more than 20 $ it can ask for additional information on the quality to stampsve@gmail.com indicating the name of or the stamps or other articles of his interest.

2.- The orders and discounts.

We recommended to him to use the cart of purchases to make its order.

When receiving its order, we will make an invoice, including the shipment costs. When you pay this invoice, we will send its shipment immediately to him.

Messages of electronic mail with questions or restlessness can be sent to stampsve@gmail.com

3.- Cost of shipment and manipulation.

Cost by shipment is a flat tariff of $US 3.50 that it includes: the expenses of shipment, manipulation and packing of its stamps or articles of collection. NOT REGISTERED.

Mail REGISTERED is a flat tariff of $US 50 that it includes: the expenses of shipment, manipulation and packing.

4.- The payment.

It is required to realise the payment before sending his order.

For purchases in other countries we only accepted payment via PayPal (Web: www.paypal.com)/Direction of electronic mail of PayPal to send: stampsqc@gmail.com

5.- In case of return or cancellation.

The fees charged by the service Paypal.com will not be covered by us "Stampve.com" if there a refund payment for any reason including the cancellation of the purchase by either party.